Mountains, lakes and so many more activities in and around the 7 Lakes Camping

Activate your inner nature!

Is it possible to combine the thirst for activities in nature and deep relaxation?

Yes, it is possible, because a holiday at 7 Lakes Camping has all the prerequisites to be extremely varied. One tip from us – don't be in a hurry to plan a departure date. Besides having perfect conditions for complete relaxation, the camping benefits from a premium location: nestled between the Rila and Vitosha nature parks, close to the unique Rila Lakes and many other sights. The surrounding region promises loads of fun and activities for cyclists, hikers, adventurers and nature explorers of all ages. Let's not forget the rich historical past of Sapareva Banya and the surrounding lands – a real joy for all who want to indulge in cultural activities. This makes our camping an ideal base camp for exciting discoveries and a symbolic factory for priceless moments.

At 7 Lakes Camping, we believe that where children have fun, parents can also enjoy their holidays. Our goal is to create a camping environment that provides unforgettable experiences for the whole family and brings children closer to nature. At our camping there is lots of fun for the little ones. We look forward to you discovering the surprises that are in store for you. 

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The camping and natural sights of the region offer guests plenty of opportunities and natural terrain for sporting activities. Only Rila National Park can provide entertainment for people of all age groups. Those with more specific desires are sure to find their desired dose of activity in the surrounding area.

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The centuries-old history of the region around Sapareva Banya determines the rich potential for cultural tourism in the lands around the 7 Lakes Camping. All guests who have an interest in history, culture, architecture, religion and archaeological discoveries will be very pleased.

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Whether hiking or biking, the region around the camping is a display of natural grandeur that won’t leave you indifferent. Rila with its dark blue mountain lakes, lush green meadows, diverse plant species and glistening white mountain peaks offers a breathtaking panorama that is second to none. Here, every contact with nature becomes an unforgettable experience, a memory for a lifetime. Lace up your shoes and go! 

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About us

Located at the foot of the majestic Rila Mountain,
7 Lakes Camping is the perfect getaway for the whole family.


1 "Serafim Yordanov" str.
Separeva Banya, 2650,
(next to "Plazha" complex)

+359 879 12 63 30
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