Campsite Regulations

Camping 7 Lakes provides diverse vacation and entertainment services and carries out its activity with a priority mission of a pleasant and safe stay for its guests. In this context, and to work more efficiently, we have created the regulations set out below, which are automatically considered as accepted by everyone entering the campsite, and compliance with which is mandatory.


1. At the time of arrival, all guests are required to complete a registration form with their details and those of the persons accompanying them and also show a valid ID. The submission of personal data means to consent to their use (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR) by the company in order to complete the registration process.
2. Guests are obliged to notify the reception team upon arrival and departure. Overnight charges are tied to the current campsite price list and are payable in full before check-in. Payment is possible only in Bulgarian leva (BGN) - via bank card, cash or bank transfer when advance payment is required.
3. Check-in at the campsite takes place within the working hours of the reception from 09:00 to 19:00. Arrival outside these hours requires prior arrangement with the reception staff.
4. It is not our practice to guarantee accommodation in specific camping pitchs. At the time of check-in, guests have the opportunity to choose a camping ground from the available ones, and according to category preferences.
5. The camping pitch will be available after 14:00h. We may be able to accommodate you earlier, depending on availability on the day of your arrival. If this is not possible, the vehicle remains to wait in the parking lot next to the camping area.
6. Check-out time is until noon on the day of your departure. For the users of the premium pitches, the check-out is until 14:00h. Staying after the specified time is possible only after prior agreement with the reception and for an additional fee. If the stay is extended after the established departure times, 50% of the value of the nightly rate will be charged. If you check out after 6:00 p.m., an overnight fee is going to be applied.
7. If, after the deadline of the stay, the pitch is occupied and we fail to establish contact with the registered person within 24 hours, this will be considered a violation of the rules and a threat to the security of the campsite. In the event of such a development, we have the right to take the caravan, camper or tent outside the campsite. Camping 7 Lakes is released from responsibility for any damage caused during the moving process.


1. A visit of 3+ caravans, campers or tents is considered a group, in which case booking is required. Camping 7 Lakes can deny access to groups that appear without a prior appointment.
2. We require all minors (under 18 years of age) to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their entire stay at the 7 Lakes campsite. The camping guests are fully responsible for their actions, life and health - the company employess can not be held liable for any of these.
3. Staying in the camping area without a valid registration is against the rules. The joining of additional persons to a given reservation is only possible after approval by the reception and carrying out the relevant registration. The responsibility lies with the guest registered on the pitch where the violation is discovered - this may be a reason for the premature termination of the stay.
4. Any sunshade or camping equipment must be located a minimum of 0.5 meters from the boundaries of your pitch. Expanding to terrain other than the one you paid for is not allowed. Parking of vehicles on green areas and in places other than those indicated by the staff is not permitted.
5. The pitch you have rented is intended for accommodation with one camper, caravan or tent. The placement of an additional tent within one plot is only allowed if the total number of guests does not exceed six persons and against the corresponding payment.


Your four-legged friends are welcome on the camping grounds under certain conditions:
1. It is a mandatory requirement that the owners have a health passport, in which it is clear that the pets are completely healthy and have received the vaccinations required by law.
2. Animals must be on a leash at all times, accompanied by their owner and must not disturb the peace of other visitors.
3. Owners are fully responsible for their pets and cleaning up after them; animals are not allowed in common areas such as bathrooms, kitchen, shop, reception, coworking space, etc.
4. Violation of these rules is grounds for cancellation of the reservation and imposition of a fine of BGN 50.
5. We allow up to one dog for free, an additional pet is charged in accordance with the actual price list.


1. Camping 7 Lakes is a family recreational complex, and our guests appreciate the peacefulness close to nature. We are not a party campsite, and therefore we attach great importance to the right of every visitor to enjoy a recharging holiday.
2. The use of any sound systems and musical instruments is prohibited. Persons who show a lack of consideration towards their neighbours and do not respect the rules of the campsite will be warned, and in case of a repeated issue, their stay will be prematurely terminated.
3. The hours between 14:00-16:00 and 23:00-08:00 are designated for rest, and any noise must be kept to a minimum. During the remaining time, the noise you generate must not disturb other visitors in the campsite. We all have different criteria for fun - don't force your style of entertainment on others!
4. The use of drugs and the performance of any activities prohibited by law will not be tolerated! Any person not complying with this rule will be asked to leave the campsite, and if necessary, the law enforcement authorities will be informed.


1. The use of pyrotechnics and Chinese lanterns on the territory of Camping 7 Lakes is prohibited.
2. It is the responsibility of all guests to ensure that their sockets, cables, electrical installation and appliances are in order. Any interference with the power board is prohibited - if you need assistance, contact the staff. The network is not suitable for heating devices - stoves, grills, hair dryers, etc. The guests are required to turn off electrical appliances when not in use. We remind you that you will be held responsible for any fire or damage to the property of the campsite.
3. The temporary routes for supplying electricity and water - cables, hoses, etc. must not pass through other pitches. These instalments are to be done within the boundaries of the terrain you have rented for the safety and convenience of the other visitors. In case of inappropriate connections, the offenders will be excluded from the supply network.
4. Setting a fire is allowed only in the firepit created for the purpose. The use of barbecues, charcoal grills and gas appliances is allowed in strict compliance with fire safety rules:
- use barbecues with legs so that the fire is away from the ground;
- all fires must be extinguished properly after use – the camping pitches have built-in water taps;
- do not leave barbecues or smouldering fires unattended;
- never dispose of hot coals in plastic trash can!
Guests are responsible for a fire outburst caused by negligence or intentional action.
5. Keep all common areas clean and considerate of others! Guests are obliged to leave the campsite pitch in the same condition as they found it. Throwing cigarette butts and other waste items on the ground is prohibited - there are rubbish bins placed everywhere.
6. Specific places for cleaning chemical toilets and the disposal of dirty water have been created. It is strictly forbidden to empty their contents in other areas!
7. Washing of cars, caravans or campers is not allowed on the territory of the campsite.
8. The speed limit at the campsite is 10 km/h. The use of horns and the generation of other noise by motor vehicles are prohibited. Driving at the camping is only allowed on arrival and departure.
9. Guests are advised not to leave their personal belongings unattended. The campsite is guarded 24 hours a day, but we are not responsible for forgotten or stolen items not handed over for storage!
10. Any damages caused by the guests or items found missing from the camping inventory are paid according to their current market price.
11. In the case of organized events, when it is necessary to import additional materials, temporary structures and facilities, the organizers are obliged to ensure the security of their use.
12. It is forbidden to cut down or damage trees and plant species on the territory of the campsite.
13. For safety reasons, please do not place clotheslines around the campsite.


1. Camping 7 Lakes offers its visitors a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi), but due to factors beyond our control, we do not guarantee the maintenance of a certain speed or continuous access to the service.
2. In case of accidents, electricity and water in the campsite can be temporarily or permanently stopped. We are not responsible for and do not offer refunds for overnight stays due to power or water interruptions due to reasons beyond our control. The same applies to damage caused by extreme events - meteorological conditions, fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.
3. The management of Camping 7 Lakes reserves the right to change the prices of the offered services at any moment, as well as the conditions for their use.
4. For any noticed irregularities, guests can notify the campsite manager by email (, by phone, or directly bring them to the reception staff. Visitors can write their remarks and recommendations in the praise and complaint book located at the reception. If necessary, complaints will be answered in writing to the email indicated by the guest.

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Located at the foot of the majestic Rila Mountain,
7 Lakes Camping is the perfect getaway for the whole family.


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