Loyalty Program

Through 7 Lakes Camping's loyalty program, you can enjoy rewards and benefits that
make you feel appreciated, whether you're enhancing the quality of your stay or
sharing with those you care about. The bonuses start accumulating the moment you stay with us. Become a member of our loyalty program, take advantage of great benefits!

Earn while visiting us

Every night spent brings you
closer to the things you already
love about 7 Lakes Camping.
Bonuses start after just 10 nights
spent, which can be earned
within a single stay.

Be more rewarded

Membership carries exclusive
benefits, including up to 15% off,
a free night and other great
offers, so you can tap into a wider
array of options as you craft your journey.

Be more rewarded

As you stay with us and enjoy a
carefree vacation, you upgrade
your tier status and continue to
unlock unique rewards and


> 5% discount of the total for the overnight stays;
> Late check-out until 2 p.m. from a standard pitch.
> 10% discount of the total for the overnight stay;
> Late check-out until 2 p.m. from a standard pitch;
> Late check-out until 4.p.m. from a premium pitch;
> Stay 8 consequtive nights, pay 7.
> 15% discount for the total overnight stays;
> Late check-out until 4 p.m. from a standard pitch;
> Late check-out until 6 p.m. from a premium pitch;
> Upgrade to a premium pitch (subject to availability);
> Stay 5 consequtive nights, pay 4.
1) The described discounts cannot be combined with other advertised
offers at 7 Lakes Camping;
2) Stay under the seasonal ptich scheme does not contribute to the
accumulation of nights to reach certain level of the loyalty program;
3) The loyalty card is valid for one year from the date of issue;
4) If, during the validity of the card, you upgrade to a higher level, then a new
one-year period is activated, starting from the date of the upgrade;
5) After the expiration date, all members automatically move down one level
with a new activity period of one year;
6) The issued card is personal and can be used by the members of the holder's
family. Transfer of third parties is not permitted.

About us

Located at the foot of the majestic Rila Mountain,
7 Lakes Camping is the perfect getaway for the whole family.


1 "Serafim Yordanov" str.
Separeva Banya, 2650,
(next to "Plazha" complex)


+359 879 12 63 30
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