Seasonal Camping pitches

Would you like to camp long-term? We totally understand, especially now that you can have exactly what you want.

Renting a seasonal pitch gives you the opportunity to indulge in a long-term and well-deserved holiday at 7 Lakes Camping. Now you can truly enjoy your camping moments as much as you want.

The seasonal camping pitch can be booked for a stay with your motorhome, minibus, caravan or tent. 

How much does it cost?

The rate for a seasonal camping pitch depends on:

  • The length of stay and the period you choose to stay with us.
  • The category of pitch you choose ( standard: 60-80m2 or premium: 80-100 m2).
  • The number of adults and children who will stay during the agreement.

Please note that we require a minimum stay of 2 months to be able to benefit from the preferential price for seasonal camping pitches. If you would like to receive an individual quote, please email us here.

What is included in the price?

The rate for a seasonal camping pitch is provided after an individual quote and includes:

  • Rental of 1 slot of your choice (standard 60-80m2 or premium 80-100m2)
  • Stay for 1 motorhome, minibus, caravan or tent + parking for 1 car
  • Stay for up to 2 adults + their children up to the age of 12
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Electricity (16A/2kW), drinking water and garbage disposal
  • Use of sanitary facilities and shared tourist kitchen
  • Access to waste water drainage and service area for chemical toilets
  • Free access to the mineral pools "Plaja (The Beach)"
  • Free stay for one pet

What do our seasonal pitches offer you?

  • Peace of mind that your motorhome, caravan or tent is in a secure location, monitored around the clock by our team.
  • Comfortable camping slots with electric hook-up, direct access to potable water, a designated chemical toilet and foul water drainage.
  • Demarcated pitches with beautiful views of the mountain hills.
  • Close proximity to all camping facilities: communal kitchen, modern bathrooms and toilets, reception, shared workspace, playground, sauna, thermal pools and much more.

Advantages of seasonal pitches:

The benefits of booking a seasonal pitch are many, and aside from complete flexibility and the elimination of having to tow your caravan every time you come to us, they include:

  • Saving money

If you like to have multiple camping holidays throughout the year, or one long term one, then renting a seasonal pitch works out much better than paying individually. You can save up to 40% on our regular fees!

  • Easier bookings

Booking and planning vacations can be a stressful process, but that's not the case if you have a seasonal pitch. You don't have to book every time you want to come back to us, or whenever you want to go somewhere for a while. Your preferred pitch is waiting for you.

  • You travel with less luggage

When you have a seasonal pitch you can leave the luggage you don't need in your caravan, tent or motorhome. This means you don't have to carry all your camping equipment every time you return to us.

  • Rest whenever you want

One of the biggest advantages of a seasonal pitch is the fact that it serves as the perfect base for you to go wherever and however often you like without having to worry about where to stay on your return. The option to rent a seasonal pitch offers you to have a home away from home on your favourite terrain.

  • Become part of a community of like-minded people

Seasonal pitches are a great way to make new friendships, as you'll find other campers who keep coming back – just like you. What could be better than time spent in good company?

How to book?

Complete the enquiry form or contact us on:


Phone: +359 879 12 63 30


  • When renting a seasonal camping pitch, a rental agreement covering a specific period must be signed, listing all persons entitled to stay (up to two adults and their children under 12). In the absence of the main tenants, the residence of close friends and relatives is possible. The condition is that they are specified in the contract in advance. In case of simultaneous stay, the additional persons will be charged as visitors according to the current price list. Subletting in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • The camping you are renting is for holiday or recreational purposes. Seasonal pitches may not be used as a base for any commercial or charitable activity.
  • The minimum qualifying period to rent a seasonal camping pitch is 2 months. The maximum period is 12 months, after which the terms will be reviewed and a new contract will be entered into.

Please read the full terms and conditions set out below.



"Seasonal pitches" means a pitch for hire provided by 7 Lakes Camping for a pre-agreed period, but not less than 2 months.

"Caravan" refers to a caravan, motorhome, minibus or tent.

"We/Our" – 7 Lakes Camping

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Seasonal Pitch Rental Fee must be paid in full, at the time the booking is accepted. The booking is void until the appropriate amount is received.
  2. If the seasonal camping pitch rental agreement is terminated by the caravan owner, the following conditions apply:
    • Up to and including 14 days before the start date, we will refund the full amount that has been paid.
    • If the agreement is cancelled less than 14 days before the arrival date, we will deduct a fee of 25% of the amount paid in advance and refund the remainder.
    • In the event of cancellation during your stay, we will deduct 50% of the amount for the days you specified but did not use.
  3. In the unlikely event that the camping has to close for reasons unforeseen at the time of the agreement, we will refund you the full amount for any unused days during the agreement period.
  4. The agreed price is fixed for the period of stay you specify and is not affected in any way by your physical presence at the camping or changes to the price list.
  5. After the rental agreement expires, standard camping fees apply unless otherwise agreed in advance with the camping manager.
  6. The rental rate for a seasonal camping pitch is a discounted rate and cannot be combined with any other type of discount advertised by 7 Lakes Camping.
  7. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the current camping policy at 7 Lakes Camping. We reserve the right to terminate a rental agreement if we find a violation of the established rules. In such an event, any amounts paid will not be refunded. When renting a seasonal camping pitch, a rental agreement relating to a specific period is signed, listing all persons entitled to stay (up to two adults and their children). In the absence of the main tenants, the residence of close friends and relatives is possible. The condition is that they are specified in the contract in advance. In case of simultaneous stay, the additional persons will be charged as visitors according to the current price list. The optional additional conditions are related to this point:
    • Subletting your caravan/pitch in any form is prohibited.
    • Use of your caravan is restricted for recreational purposes. Undertaking any commercial or charitable activity is not permitted.

    If any of these rules are not complied with by a caravan owner he/she will be deemed to be in breach of the agreement and it may be terminated with immediate effect.

  8. Seasonal Pitches are not transferable.
    • If you sell your caravan, it must be moved from the camping.
    • We reserve the right to sublet your seasonal slot if you need to leave the camping permanently.
    • Fees are non-refundable if you sell your caravan at any time.
  9. You have the right to position your caravan on a pitch of your choice. If you wish to move to another terrain during your stay you will need to coordinate this with the reception team.
  10. The price paid for the seasonal pitch hire includes the stay of up to two adults and their children aged up to 12. Children over 12 shall be considered as adults for pricing purposes. The agreement also allows parking for one car and one caravan with an adjoining awning/shelter, located within the boundaries of the chosen pitch. Awnings located on seasonal pitches must be removed when the caravan is unoccupied.
  11. During periods when you are not using your caravan all electrical appliances and cables, flammable implements and gas must be switched off and put away. Only gas canisters that fit in the caravan's gas locker are permitted in your absence.
  12. All seasonal pitches must be kept clean and tidy between your visits to enable us to maintain them properly. Accessories of any variety must be put away and stored. Storage of items under your caravan is not permitted. 7 Lakes Camping is not responsible for any damage to your caravan or missing items during your stay.
  13. If you leave your caravan in storage with us during the winter months please ensure water systems are drained to avoid frost damage, disconnect the battery and remove or disconnect gas canisters. We also ask that you leave your caravan ready to be towed with the feet up and any personal belongings stored in a safe place. Please ensure that the caravan is adequately insured, we accept no responsibility for any damage caused by frost or similar.
  14. Anything brought onto your pitch during the hire period, such as garden furniture, storage boxes etc. must be removed on departure. Any items left behind will be at your own risk.
  15. Renewal of the Seasonal Pitch Agreement is only valid for the period entered into but for no longer than 12 months. Renewal of the agreement shall not be automatic and shall be only by prior arrangement and at the discretion of the Camping Manager.
  16. The caravan owner shall be directly responsible for the proper securing of the caravan as provided as information by the manufacturer. Caravan owners shall assume the risks of bringing their caravans onto the site and accept responsibility for any incidents involving themselves, members of their group, and loss or damage to property in the camping area. It is your responsibility to be insured against fire, theft and third-party liability.
  17. Our obligations under this agreement are as follows:
    • To keep the camping secure and well-maintained at all times.
    • To provide a pitch for your caravan within the camping area. We reserve the right to move your caravan to an alternative pitch if necessary.
    • To provide you with the available services, agreed upon and provided for you (we cannot accept responsibility for service interruptions that are caused by factors beyond our control).

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