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Regardless of your motivation to visit us, spend some of your time enjoying the beauty of the area around the camping. Go sporting, relax, have fun, play games and walk free! The amazing natural resources of the Rila National Park await you with unlimited possibilities for activities in nature, and the 7 Lakes camping is the best starting point.

Rila is a paradise for those who love direct and impactful contact with nature. This amazing mountain houses around 150 peaks that reach over 2000m, approximately 230 fantastic lakes, countless hills and idyllic foothills. The variety provides all kinds of hiking trails of different length and difficulty. Musala, the highest point in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula, is also located in the Rila Mountains and challenges the more adventurous. Whatever you do, don't miss seeing one of Bulgaria's iconic landmarks – the seven glacial lakes.

There are many shorter and easier trails in the vicinity of the camping, suitable for families with young children. Whichever path you choose, one thing is guaranteed, you will reach unique natural beauties or simply find solitude with yourself.

We bring you our suggestions to experience the pure energy of nature within a radius of about 60km. We are sure that you will also find your favourite places to take away in your memories and heart.

Short walks

Appropriate for visiting with the youngest guests


The Goritsa Eco Trail starts above the village of Ovchartsi, which is located about 4km west of Sapareva Banya. The waters of the waterfall fall from a height of 39m, and this is one of the seven Ovcharen waterfalls. The eco trail is characterized by a low level of difficulty. This fact and the presence of numerous natural attractions make it one of the most attractive routes for family tourism in the region.
Here you can find detailed information about the route.

Estimated time:


"Rila" Park is located on the outskirts of Dupnitsa and is an ideal option to spend a few hours with the children or with friends. The Bistritsa River runs through its territory, over which 38 bridges are built. The park is extremely diverse and you will definitely not get bored if you decide to visit it. At your disposal are: lake with water wheels, football, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools, zoo, fitness training ground, barbecue areas and many other attractions. There is a 2km long bicycle path next to the park.

Estimated time:
1-2 hours


        THE CENTURIES-OLD SEQUOIAS                
The centuries-old sequoias are located about 7km from Kyustendil, in the area of Yuchbunar, near the village of Bogoslov. From Sapareva Banya the distance is 64km and it takes about an hour by car. They were declared a natural landmark in 1989 in order to protect the centuries-old trees. The triplets are the oldest Sequoia Gigantea in Bulgaria and are over 30 meters tall. Subsequently, the remaining sequoias have been planted and number about 100 younger trees. Thus a beautiful forest has been formed, suitable for a pleasant walk with children. This is the only forest of its kind in the country.

Estimated time: 45 min.

Half-day walks

Appropriate for families with older children


The Stob Pyramids are a natural phenomenon and one of the most popular tourist sites in Bulgaria. They are located not far from the village of Stob, in the southwestern part of the Rila Mountains and 50 km from Sapareva Banya. They are pyramidal and conical landforms that have formed naturally by weather conditions. The Stob pyramids can be observed from the constructed eco-trail, which is relatively easy, but in short sections is steep and narrow. Due to its sandy terrain, we recommend skipping it on a rainy day.

Estimated time:
1 hour


Iskar is the largest dam by area and volume in Bulgaria. It is about 15 km long and 5 km wide. It is located on the Iskar River and about 40 km northeast of Sapareva Banya. In the distance to the south you can see the amazing ridges of Rila. The nature around the dam is very beautiful and is an excellent idea for a short walk with the family, for a picnic, for fishing, as well as for boating or the most ordinary water bike. The dam is inhabited by a variety of fish species, but the most common are freshwater bream, Prussian carp, rutilus roach, alver and European perch.

Estimated time:
1-4 hours


The Black Rock is a 135m high rock formation in the Borovets resort area. A relatively short and easy forest road leads to this natural landmark. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain slopes and the wooded gorge of the river Golyama Slivnitsa, a tributary of the Maritsa river. A visit to the cliff can be combined with a walk along the many mountain trails or sports activities available in the holiday village of Borovets. 

Estimated time:
2 hours

Longer hikes

For all who like longer mountain hikes


Skakavitsa Reserve is another fabulous place worth visiting. There is the water champion of Rila – the Skakavitsa waterfall, whose waters descend from over 70m. In winter its waters freeze and offer excellent conditions for ice climbing. The waterfall is accessible by several routes, with starting points Panichishte and the Seven Rila Lakes. It is a curious fact that despite the small area it occupies, a huge number of vertebrates are protected in "Skakavitsa". Here you can find detailed information about the route.

Estimated time: 3 hours


The Beli Iskar eco-trail is a very lively experience along the borders of the Rila National Park, ideal for a light family walk. The trail starts about 3.5km after the village of Beli Iskar, 39km east of Sapraeva Banya. The name comes from the river of the same name, around which the trail meanders its entire length. The route itself has 19 wooden bridges (8 large and 11 small) that cross the meanders of the lush river.


Estimated time: 3 hours


The Seven Rila Lakes is a group of lakes of glacial origin located in the core of the Rila Mountains. It is one of the natural treasures and a symbol of Bulgaria. The lakes are situated stepwise between 2095 and 2535 m altitude. The easiest way to start the hike to them is by cable car from Panichishte, a resort located about 10 km southeast of the town of Sapareva Banya. Other options are hiking from the Vada hut, from the Lovna hut or from the Pionerska hut. Here you can find detailed information about the route.

Estimated timing:
6 hours

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