The Power of the Present Moment

March 21, 2024
The main characters in our first story are Kevin and his bulldog Paco. Kevin is a former police officer from a medium-sized city in ​​Duisburg area, Germany. After an on-the-job accident, Kevin felt a dire need to radically change his life.
He decided to buy an old Mercedes truck for €6,000 from a company that makes hats. It took him seven months to repair and turn the machine into his new home on wheels by watching hundreds of YouTube videos, reading technical literature and improvising. Kevin used help for electrical installation only. He shared that there are still many things that need improvement, but he admits that what has real value to him is time, which we cannot get back or buy. For this reason, at the beginning of 2022, Kevin decided not to waste another moment and, along with his best friend, embarked on an unpredictable adventure in search of himself and the valuable moments of life.

Fate has other plans

Kevin and Paco go through dozens of European countries, a tornado of emotions and exciting meetings. The original plan was to cross Europe, heading towards Russia and from there to Mongolia and from there deep into Asia. However, the war that has started thwarts the intentions of our heroes, and after a few weeks of traveling around Greece, fate takes them to 7 Lakes Camping.
Пако, булдогът на Кевин
On Tuesday (July 4th), we welcomed a sympathetic young guy from Germany with a strange-looking truck, and five days later, we waved goodbye to a friend we felt like we had known for years. In the time spent with Kevin and Paco, we were touched by their freedom-loving, sincere attitude, positivity and wide-open souls to accept the world and the people they meet along the way as they are - without prejudice and with a pure heart.
As is often the case, the invisible laws reinforce such encounters with highly memorable events. As if to consolidate the maxim according to which our protagonist is guided, namely not to make plans further than tomorrow, fate had prepared for me (the author), Kevi and Paco an unexpected visit to a veterinary clinic in Pernik. Paco had to undergo an intervention with anesthesia to remove a piece of dry grass from his nostril, which thankfully ended successfully. The following day, the emotions were much more pleasant because Kevin decided to extend his stay at the campsite and celebrate his 33rd birthday with us. And what's a birthday without a cake!? We had prepared a little surprise to please our new friend, something small but from the heart.

Do we really get lost?

As the first day of the new week came, Kevin and Paco continued their adventure. With a hint of sadness, we wished them a fair wind, but a wide smile lighted up our faces from the scar that this meeting left. Knowing that with every kilometer traveled, their spiritual wealth is growing, and the fact that we contributed somehow to making their story more beautiful motivates us even more to believe in the magic of camping.
From Kevin, we learned that life itself leads us on a path that we are meant to walk, and perhaps we must first lose ourselves to find the meaning of our existence. In this first story, we meet a brave man who lives in the present moment and doesn't make plans but follows the path in front of him and believes in fate. We think about how often we are present in this very moment now, not tomorrow and not yesterday.

Пако преди интервенцията при ветеринаря в Перник
7 Lakes Camping is an affordable portal to the special moments dedicated to yourself and your most sacred desires. We invite you to see for yourself!

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Stay tuned for the next inspiring story!
Кевин празнува рожден ден

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